Payroll Services


Do you have payday headaches? Are you confused over pension reforms?


We can handle all your payroll calculations and deductions. We deal with attachment of earnings, student loans, SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP, Pension as well as the normal deductions for National Insurance and tax.


  • Payroll deadlines? Legislation? RTI? Pension Reform? Confusion?

  • The Payroll Bureau is dedicated to resolving these issues professionally, accurately and promptly

  • We can take over your payroll worries. Payroll is our business. We pride ourselves on our reputation for reliability and efficiency. Let us takeover this time-consuming task and help your charity run more effectively.


After paying our membership fee (£150 for 12 months) and your initial payroll set up cost of £75, recurring processing fees are per person £6 part time £10 full time employees.  These are fully inclusive of:


  • Payroll preparation

  • Standard open payslips / E-payslips

  • Payroll reports (hard copy / electronic)

  • Handling all starters and leavers

  • RTI submission

  • P60s at the end of tax year


The government recently launched a new mandatory National Living Wage (NLW). 

The National Living Wage and London Living Wage Rates 2021 is set at the current rate of £8.91 per hour for workers age 23 and over.

In real money terms, a full-time worker who is currently receiving the NMW should annually see a significant increase per annum in earnings (since the original introduction of the NMW in 2016).

Note: Workers aged from 21 to 22 years will continue to get the adult National Minimum Wage which is set at £8.36 per hour.
National Living Wage rates appertain to workers' pay. It gets allocated on a monthly reference period beginning from the 1st of April 2021.


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