Independent Examination of Accounts


More and more funders are requesting that voluntary groups annual accounts are presented in a specific format governed by guidelines provided by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and that they have been independently examined by someone who is qualified to do so. Our charity can do this for you if your turnover is not more that £250,000.


Although there is no requirement for groups with a turnover of less than £10,000 to have this done, it does provide funders with information they need in assessing funding bids and it demonstrates good practice and financial management of the group, by having their accounts prepared and independently examined.


This service is not the same as having an audit (very rarely a requirement) but merely checks systems and procedures of recording and maintaining finance within a group or a charity, ensuring that restricted funds are spent in line with funding agreements and that sufficient free reserves are being generated and managed by the committee or board of trustees, in line with the objects of the group, organisation or registered charity.


At CASNI we can provide you with the necessary support, guidance and information during this process, to ensure you are entirely happy with the independent examination. We also provide as part of this service a management letter for the trustees, outlining areas of potential weakness and recommendations, to ensure you are protecting yourself from liability as trustees and that you fully understand the accounts that are presented to you.


We are also happy to assist you with making improvements to procedures, financial monitoring and internal systems of financial control at no extra charge.

Our Accountant Martin Crossland is Association of Accounting Technicians qualified and a member of AAT also.


If you require further information regarding this service, or would like to book an independent examination, please contact us on 02871 279876 or email: