Annual Accounts Service

There is a big advantage in having your accounts professionally prepared because they are a public document and your funders, members and other stakeholders all receive copies.


CASNI can prepare accounts in line with the statutory guidelines outlined by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. We prepare them in the format required by your regulatory body and we can also do an independent examination of your accounts as part of the service.


This is available for charities and unincorporated voluntary organisations and for charitable companies, with incomes up to £250,000 (soon to be up to £500,000 that date will be announced here when finalised).


We make a modest charge for this service, based on the specific needs of the client and agreed prior to the work taking place. The cost is usually based on half a percent of your turnover* and no further charges are then incurred, no matter what arises from the accounts preparation / independent examination service, therefore giving peace of mind as soon as you join us. You will always pay less here, than the fees you have incurred elsewhere, GUARANTEED!


If your annual turnover is less than £5,000 then our accounts preparation and independent examination services are FREE OF CHARGE*


If you think you would like to use this Charity, please contact us before booking your AGM in order to ensure that we can meet your deadlines.

*An annual subscription fee applies at all times and this is usually paid before access to our other services are granted.


Please note that any of our other services can only be taken advantage of after using the accounts preparation or independent examination feature. Also note that we no longer offer services for CIC.


You can either telephone our office on 02871 279876 or email: for further information.